How to Identify the Best Location of Offshore Company?

Submitted on: 30 Jan 15

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The development of new technology and the rise of globalization that the service outsourcing has evolved. With the financial attractiveness of the country in which the service is transferred, many companies have come to control competition on the world market. Currently, most of them aimed at much more reliable goals such as availability and capacity expansion of their service skills. Precisely because the success of an offshore project based on the competence of the latter, it must first be properly choose the best location before choosing such and such providers.

The outsourcing industry has become a very competitive market. Invest in such activity is possible, but the ideal would be to choose the best investment. Speaking of placement, offshore companies are numerous and are often located in countries providing a tax freedom such as India, Morocco, Mauritius, and Madagascar island. But before enjoying their tax benefits and to relocate your business, it is first necessary to consider certain criteria. The first is to identify the costs of labor and infrastructure costs. Followed by the quality of infrastructure and skills of service including commercial, technical knowledge, language and the ability of workforces on a long-term project. Besides this, the environment is also an important element contributing to the project. And we speak exactly of government support for foreign investment, the business environment, the living environment and accessibility. Finally, each investor or client is required to determine the market potential in the offshore country of his choice. Mention may be made, for example, the attractiveness of the local market and access to neighboring markets.

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